Monday, September 16, 2002


Big-time deadline pressure here in The Cube, so I may be pretty quiet until either: A) I finish this @#%$* project, or B) I give notice and save what's left of my soul by bidding The Cube farewell for good. (Or both.)

In the meantime, here's a research project for somebody with Lexis-Nexis access who isn't part of that strangely driven minority of people whose every waking thought seems shaped by a pathological hatred of Bill Clinton: Search for occurences of, say, "Bill Clinton + wag the dog" during the months following 1) the first WTC bombing in 1993, and 2) the embassy bombings in 1998.

The effort to recast George W. Bush as Winston Churchill requires conservative pundits to recast Bill Clinton as Neville Chamberlain. I have no idea how much information Clinton had about the threat of terrorism as president, or whether or not he responded as vigorously as, in hindsight, he probably wishes he had. But I certainly don't recall any speeches in which the former president called for the "appeasement" of terrorists.

(See also this piece and follow the links.)

Anyway, I suspect that many of those now saying "Clinton should have done more" were, during his presidency, spitefully condemning whatever actions he took at the time. If you did the latter, you're not allowed to also do the former.

In other words: Andrew Sullivan, incredibly, has even less credibility today than he did yesterday.

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posted by Fred Clark 12:26 PM

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